Mesa Electric Knife Sharpener (Pewter) by Smith’s

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The Mesa Electric Knife Sharpener is a fashion-forward and sleek take on the newest generation of kitchen knife sharpeners. The Mesa is equipped with preset synthetic abrasive sharpening wheels and blade guides that hold the knife at the correct sharpening angle. The Mesa’s benefits include quick, precise knife sharpening, a guaranteed correct sharpening angle, and which maintains and extends the life of fine knives.


• Quick, precise knife sharpening
• Guarantees correct sharpening angle
• Synthetic abrasive wheel delivers quick and precise sharpening
• Rubber feet for stability & safety
• Blade guides hold the knife at the correct sharpening angle
• Safe to use on all straight-edge knives


Source: OKT
Model: SM51030

UPC: 027925510308


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