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Simple and dependable, the JIFFY-Pro Handheld Sharpener is quick, safe, and easy to use in the field, back at camp, or in your home. The knife sharpening slots incorporate crossed carbide blades used to set the edge on your extremely dull or damaged blade and crossed ceramic rods used for honing the final edge to razor sharpness. These fixed abrasive components create a preset sharpening angle that guarantees results every time no matter where you are sharpening your knife. The scissors sharpening slot in the handle of the JIFFY-Pro has been enlarged to accommodate game shears as well. It uses a patented, "FLOATING" carbide rod that adjusts to fit the precise bevel of the blades and has a soft grip rubber handle for a firm, comfortable grip in all conditions.

Product Features:

  • Two stage sharpening for all types of straight edge knives
  • Premium abrasives provide a sharp, long-lasting cutting edge
  • Larger slot in handle accommodates scissors and game shears
  • Preset sharpening angles for guaranteed results every time
  • Designed for field or home use
  • Easily attaches to backpack or belt
  • Quick, safe, and easy to use anywhere, anytime
  • Soft grip handle

Product Instructions

Knife Sharpening Instructions

NOTE: These instructions only apply to straight edge knives with a flat grind on both sides of the blade. This sharpener is not intended for use in sharpening serrated edge blades or blades with a flat grind on just one side of the blade.

NOTE: A reasonably sharp blade may only require light honing in the FINE ceramic slot. The COARSE carbide blades in the head of the sharpener are intended for very dull or damaged edges that require a new sharp edge to be put on the blade or for initial edge setting the first time you sharpen you knife with this sharpener.

Carbide Blades – COARSE
1. Place your knife on a flat surface with the cutting edge facing up and allow about 1" of the blade to extend past the edge of the surface. Secure the knife with downward pressure on the handle.

2. Place the sharpening slot in the head of the sharpener over the cutting edge at an approximate 45 degree angle to the blade near the handle of your knife.

3. Pull sharpener over cutting edge from heel to tip while applying moderate, downward pressure. Use a smooth, consistent stroke when pulling the sharpener over the cutting edge and continue your outward motion at the end of each stroke to avoid any contact with the blade. If your blade curves out to the tip, be sure to follow the curvature of the blade all the way out to the tip to ensure sharpening of the complete cutting edge.

4. Repeat a minimum of 5 pulls. After 5 pulls, the sharpener should begin to glide smoothly over the cutting edge. If not, additional pulls are required.

NOTE: Knives made of extremely hard steel may require additional pulls over the cutting edge when sharpening your knife blade.

5. Move to the FINE ceramic slot for final edge honing.

CAUTION: Always keep your fingers inside the hand guard and your thumb securely on the thumb rest indention on the top of the sharpener or possible injury may occur.

Replaceable Carbide Blades - When the carbide blades in the head of the sharpener stop removing metal from the knife blade, they can be replaced.

Ceramic Rods – FINE
1. Place the sharpener on a flat surface and grip the handle for stability. Hold the knife comfortably in your other hand.

2. Insert knife blade fully into the sharpening slot with cutting edge of the blade resting at the bottom of the V-shaped slot and the knife straight up and down. Tilt the tip of the blade down slightly.

3. While applying light, downward pressure, pull the knife blade through the sharpening slot from heel to tip. If your blade curves up at the end, be sure to lift the handle of the knife as you approach the curved portion of the blade to sharpen all the way out to the tip of the blade.

4. Repeat a minimum of 6 – 8 pulls always sharpening from heel to tip (never back and forth). After 6 - 8 pulls, the cutting edge of the knife blade should begin to glide smoothly over the ceramic rods. If not, additional pulls are required.

NOTE: Knives made of extremely hard steel may require additional pulls through the sharpening slot when sharpening your knife blade.

5. Check the sharpness of your blade. If additional sharpening is needed, repeat process until sharp.


1. With your free hand, hold the head of the sharpener and place the base of the sharpener on a flat surface. NOTE: If you are sharpening right-handed scissors/shears, the words "Right Handed" should be facing you. Opposite for left-handed.

2. Open your scissors or game shears and insert just the tips of the blades just far enough into the slot to be able to clamp down on the square rod.

3. Close scissors/shears on the sharpening rod as if you were trying to cut the rod, then push the scissors/shears through the slot while trying to keep the blades closed.

4. Repeat this action a minimum of 5 times for common household scissors and 10 times for game shears. NOTE: Scissors or Game Shears made of extremely hard steel may require additional pushes through the slot when sharpening their blades.

Caution: Always rest your sharpener on a sturdy, flat surface during scissors sharpening.

Care & Storage: Always clean your sharpener after use. Clean with a damp cloth or mild brush. Do not rinse with water. Store in a dry place under normal conditions.


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