Smith’s 6″ Diamond Tri-Hone


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Smith’s 6″ Diamond Tri-Hone is perfect for sharpening pocket knives, hunting and fishing knives, kitchen knives, and cutting tools of all sizes, large and small. It features two interrupted surface diamond sharpening stones with a unique Micro-Tool Sharpening Pad and a Natural Arkansas stone for finishing and polishing the cutting edge.

The 6″ x 1 5/8″ color-coded and labeled stones include a coarse diamond stone, a fine diamond stone, and a Natural Arkansas stone. All three stones are mounted on a triangular-shaped base with handles on the end for easy stone rotation and easy-to-identify stone labels. The stones are held in place by a sturdy, non-skid stand with a trough in the bottom to catch any excess honing solution. A sharpening angle guide and 1-ounce bottle of premium honing solution are also included.


  • Coarse diamond stone quickly sets a new sharp cutting edge on very dull or damaged blades
  • Fine diamond stone for general purpose sharpening
  • Natural Arkansas stone for finishing and polishing the cutting edge to razor sharpness
  • The interrupted surface of diamond stones speeds the sharpening process
  • The stone base is labeled for easy stone identification
  • Handles on the end of the stone base make stone rotation simple and easy
  • Non-skid stand with a trough in the bottom for no mess and easy cleanup
  • Sharpening guide, honing solution, and care and use instructions included
  • 6 stones allow for use on knives of all sizes
  • Micro-Tool Sharpening Pad for tips of your knife blade and small cutting tools
  • Abrasives: Yellow Diamond (325)/ Orange Diamond (750)/ Arkansas Stone (1,000-1,200)

Source: OKT
Item: SM50380

UPC: 027925503805


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